HYDN prevents fraud on the blockchain

Unique to the market, HYDN protects Web3 businesses meaning exploiters can no longer steal funds and assets

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HYDN Fraud prevention

Protect Funds. Protect Reputation. Protect Users.

Protect Funds

With over $3 billion worth of hacks in 2022, fraud on the blockchain has reached epidemic proportions

Protect Reputation

Projects are suffering irreparable reputational damage following security breaches

Protect Users

HYDN's fraud prevention goes beyond protecting projects by providing users with enhanced Web3 fraud protection

Current Web3 Security is Failing

Just as the eCommerce revolution was powered by new payment security services Blockchain and Web3 cannot fulfil its potential without vastly improving security practices.

Today, the absence of fraud prevention is allowing theft to take place daily on the blockchain resulting in the loss of assets and business reputation with a value of over $3 billion every year.

Total Transactions at Risk Every Month
300 million

How it works

HYDN have brought 35 years experience in Cybersecurity, eCommerce, and Digital Payments to the Blockchain to create the proprietary technology to be able to deliver game changing fraud protection.

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Protect Funds

Bad transactions are prevented from executing in real-time ensuring that protocol and user funds are secure

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Reduce False Positives

By working at the individual transaction level business as usual transactions continue with no loss of revenue or reputation

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Reduce User Friction

There is no impact to the customer experience.HYDN Prevent integrates seamlessly behind the scenes with legitimate users activities not impacted

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Detect Cloned Contracts

Be alerted to accidental releases and cloned contracts to protect your project from attacks

HYDN is monitoring the blockchain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Years cybsecurity, blockchain, and payment security experience




Chains monitored

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