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HYDN provide business strategy for GameFi projects including tokenomics, security, tokenization, and more

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HYDN provide business strategy covering ideation, design, and validation for GameFi projects including tokenomics, smart contract security, tokenization, NFT integration, chain selection, and more.

We are available to provide end-to-end solutions or advisory services at any stage of the project.

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Behavioural Tokenomics

The psychology of economics and incentives are key to human behaviour and play a crucial role in tokenomic design by rewarding users for participating in actions of value offered by the game.

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Token Design

We offer end-to-end solutions or advice on principles for protocol designers looking to create sustainable tokenomic models to drive project growth within the GameFi space.

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We help businesses deliver long term engagement through design and tokenomics that provide value for both players and the business.

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Chain Selection

HYDN provide expert guidance on choosing the right chain for your game taking into account reliability, throughput, speed, and operating costs.

Sustainable Tokenomic Design

When it comes to GameFi, having killer tokenomics is key to having a great game. HYDN provide end-to-end tokenomics solutions for GameFi projects to build a sustainable, profitable ecosystem including:

- Extensive tokenomics documentation and presentation
- Play-to-earn and ownership models
- Token utility maximisation
- Emission sizing, allocation, and distribution
- Lockups and vesting schedules
- Token inflation and deflation mechanisms
- Sustainable growth modelling
- Metaverse advice and consultation

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Wallet Architecture

HYDN helps companies harness the power of blockchain with real-world applications including custodial and non-custodial wallet architecture for GameFi.

We help to ensure that your economy remains open, transparent, and liquid, so that user interaction is fast, easy, and secure, with seamless management for both the user and project owner allowing gamers to sit back and enjoy the in-game experience.

On top of this, HYDN provide best-in-class wallet security audits for all types of wallets. These thorough wallet security audits help to ensure that funds are stored safely to protect both the business and end users.

Metaverse Consultancy

Navigating the Metaverse space can be a daunting experience. With so many different options available, choosing which one to build in can be a minefield.

HYDN's GameFi experts are on hand to help bring clarity to your decision by looking at key aspects such as audience definition and where you can find those people, restrictions that could affect your game, metaverse strategy, and more.

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