HYDN is securing Web3 for everyone

Founded by cybersecurity expert, Warren Mercer, HYDN is on a mission to ensure the blockchain supports secure business operations for all. With over 40 years worth of combined experience in cybersecurity, blockchain, and consulting, HYDN brings tier one business processess to the Web3 world.

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About us

HYDN became a public facing company in 2022 after operating as a Web3 security consultancy behind closed doors in 2021. HYDN started life as a Web3 cybersecurity firm founded by Warren Mercer.

Warren built the team from the ground up, drawing upon his industry contacts to hire the best and brightest talent in the sector, with the aim of bringing top tier cybersecurity expertise to the Web3 world.Initially focusing on smart contract audits and Web3 security, we quickly found that many projects required further business and marketing support beyond security audits.

To provide a solution to this, we expanded the team, hiring experienced go-to-market consultants, tokenomics experts, and branding and marketing partners to ensure that we can provide full 360 support to our clients across a range of vectors. HYDN has worked on a number of projects including play-to-earn games, NFT releases, DeFi protocols, and more over the past year and is now expanding the business offering to become public facing.