Web3 Penetration Testing

Our Web3 Penetration Testing does more than just identify vulnerabilities in your network, applications, and cloud services.

It also zeroes in on middleware security and anti-tampering measures, ensuring a robust defence across both Web2 and Blockchain components of your application.

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Penetration Testing Services

Web Applications

Our web application penetration testing is designed to root out a host of vulnerabilities.
From cross-site request forgery and injection flaws to weak session management, cross-site scripting, and unsafe direct object references - we've got it covered

Mobile Applications

Relentless in their pursuit, bad actors are always probing iOS and Android systems for weak spots. Our penetration testers scrutinize your company's operating systems and apps, staging real-world attacks to expose any vulnerabilities before the adversaries get a chance

Network Testing

Through both internal and external Network Penetration Testing, we can uncover weak points in your network and infrastructure. From misconfigurations and rogue services to weak passwords and protocols, we'll shine a light on potential vulnerabilities

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Why you need a Web3 Penetration Test...

Web3 Penetration Testing is your frontline defence for decentralized applications on blockchain networks. It's not just about finding vulnerabilities - it's about outsmarting potential threats. By simulating attacks, HYDN expose weak spots and fortify your application's security. Stay one step ahead of attackers with regular penetration tests from our team of industry experts.

Web3 Expertise

HYDN is a Web3 Security firm with an in depth knowledge of everything related to blockchain technology. Our team are Smart Contract Audit and Web3 Penetration Testing experts, leveraging our extensive expertise in blockchain technology to uncover vulnerabilities a traditional pen tester may miss.

Thorough Testing

Our methodology for Web3 Penetration Testing is based on our extensive industry experience, best practices in the area of information security, international methodologies, and global methodologies such as PTES and OWASP.

Experienced Team

HYDN's team leverage over 35 years of cybersecurity and blockchain expertise and are CISSP, CCNP, GCIH, GREM, and GNFA certified. Our team have worked uncovering some of the biggest cybersecurity hacks in history including the 2018 Olympic Destroyer Hack.


Web3 applications, unlike their standard web counterparts, operate under diverse regulations. For example, DeFi apps may be bound by financial regulations, a factor that must be taken into account when hunting for vulnerabilities.

Decentralisation Issues

Web3 applications, due to their decentralised design, lack a central authority to impose security rules or protocols. This poses unique challenges in safeguarding the network and warding off threats like 51% or Sybil attacks

Web3 Interfaces

Web3 applications utilize a range of protocols and interfaces, such as RPC and JSON-RPC, each requiring specialized testing tools and expertise. While these protocols facilitate communication between Web3 apps and the blockchain, they can also introduce potential security issues that demand thorough examination

Our penetration testing process...

Our methodology for Penetration Testing is based on our extensive industry experience, best practices in the area of information security, international methodologies, and global methodologies such as PTES and OWASP.

The scope is dependent upon the individual project, but usually includes:

▪ Intelligence gathering activities against the target
▪ Service detection and identification
▪ Vulnerability detection, verification, and analysis
▪ Exploitation of vulnerabilities
▪ Providing detailed remediation advice aimed to address found security weaknesses

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How it works

HYDN will start the penetration testing on the date agreed with the client during the quotation process


Get a quote

You submit the required documentation, share access to the codebase, and get an estimation of the process scope, timeline, and price.


Penetration testing

Our team of experts will carry out the penetration testing and then produce a report detailing found vulnerabilities and our recommended fixes.


Remediation check

Each HYDN Penetration Test includes one free round of remediation checks. This is where our team will check your fixes and confirm them.


Certification and further testing

We will issue you with a final penetration testing report detailing the fixes made. HYDN recommend to carry out regular pen tests.

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