HYDN x Oracle Finance Partnership

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HYDN x Oracle Finance Partnership

We’re delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Oracle Finance. This partnership will see HYDN work with Oracle Finance to provide Smart Contract Audits for projects coming through their launchpad.

About Oracle Finance

Oracle Finance is a financial platform that facilitates a multitude of cryptocurrency investing and value creation by building a treasury-backed, yield-generating currency, for the “next billion users”. Their goal is to empower the investor and make it as easy, efficient, and fast as possible to manage their assets, lend & borrow, earn interest on staking, bridge between chains, launch new projects including NFTs, and much more.

Oracle Finance is a project on multiple chains to create value for our investors by developing several use cases within the Oracle Platform. They are building upon the limitations of rebase tokens with unique investment opportunities ranging from various innovative Web3 Products, Services, and Applications, that will turn the protocol into a distributed, decentralized, and on-chain venture fund.

The Oracle Finance launchpad will support multi-chains and will welcome applications from all entrepreneurs in the space. Unlike other launchpads, Oracle Finance will have a non-tier system, with guaranteed allocations to stakers. Investors will also have the opportunity to participate in private sales.