Introducing HYDN

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About HYDN

HYDN is an industry-leading team of blockchain security and tokenomics experts. HYDN provides comprehensive smart contract security audits and tokenomics consultancy from a team of experienced blockchain and cybersecurity professionals.

What We Do

  • Smart contract security audits
  • DeFi exchange audits
  • Wallet security audits
  • Tokenomics consultancy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Crypto infrastructure consultancy


HYDN Security was founded by Warren Mercer. Warren is a world-renowned cybersecurity and blockchain expert, having previously held senior roles at NYSE, Cisco, and Alert Logic. Warren has been a guest speaker at cybersecurity conferences all over the globe, including giving talks on Bitcoin at Microsoft DCC, NorthSec, Kaspersky SAS, VB, and many more.

Having been involved in cryptocurrency for over 10 years, Warren is dedicated to making the blockchain ecosystem as secure as it can be for everyone. Warren serves as the CEO for HYDN Security and heads up the delivery team to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standard.

Delivery Team

The HYDN Security delivery team has extensive experience in the cybersecurity and blockchain space, developing security systems for multinationals and tech startups, including TF1, Quinten, and Eleven Labs. The team have deep knowledge of multiple Blockchain Protocols, Database Engineering and Machine Learning.

The delivery team is a truly global team with members spread throughout Europe to cover a range of languages, time zones, and ways of working to provide the best possible service to our clients.


1. Smart Contract Security Audits

An extensive, in-depth audit of your project's smart contracts.

HYDN Security will evaluate your project for safety, functionality, protection, and utility. HYDN Security provides user-centric audits as well as contract functionality assessments.

Manual and Automatic Testing

Each contract is first automatically tested to uncover any known or common exploits. Following this, every line of code is thoroughly tested by our security experts to uncover any further vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Reporting

Communication is key to achieving great results and that is why HYDN provides open channels of comms and transparent reports featuring detailed information about issues as well as remediation recommendations.

2. DeFi Exchange Audits

Are you building a DeFi Exchange? HYDN Security provides extensive security audits for your DeFi Exchange to ensure that you and your user's funds are secure.

3. Web 3.0 Wallet Security Audits

HYDN Security provides best-in-class wallet security audits for all types of wallets beyond the traditional attack/defence type audits. This thorough wallet security audit will ensure that users' funds are stored safely to protect both the users and your organization.

Blockchain Consultancy

The HYDN Sec team have a wide range of blockchain knowledge and experience beyond security. With over 40 years of combined experience in financial services, including having held senior roles at the likes of Citi, Royal Park Partners, Bosch, FirstGroup, Arriva, and Capital Group, as well as boasting economic graduates from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the HYDN consultancy team are on to provide expert consultancy on a wide range of topics.

Tokenomics Consultancy

We can provide full-service tokenomics review including token architecture based on business requirements, token utilization models, and ecosystem roles and controls.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We can provide full go to market strategy including branding, target market analysis, marketing strategy, planning, and execution.

Crypto Infrastructure Consultancy

We serve as blockchain experts consulting on Protocol, Wallet, DeFi, and NFT ecosystems including enterprise wallet architecture, vendors and partnerships, and more.

Get in Touch

We work with a wide variety of blockchain teams, from start-ups to multinationals. Whether you’re looking for a full smart contract security audit, tokenomics consultancy, go to market strategy, or one of our other services, HYDN Security is here to help.


Twitter: @hydnsecurity